Set clear goals to achieve high performing teams
When you want to create a high performing team, you must realize that one of the most important steps is, to set clear goals for your people and make sure you get your team involved! Managers tend to set goals without involving their people, which often leads to frustration among team members. Why? Because often, the manager seems to set goals that are simply unrealistic and impossible. Additionally, team members are left confused by how to approach the goal and end up wasting too much time to develop a strategy by the manager’s deadline.

A good leader, however, understands that one of the top priorities in maintaining a happy and productive workplace is to ensure all the team members share a common goal. This leader creates objectives and key results with the team and helps each team member understand the role they play and how they can contribute toward achieving the goal. As a result, team members feel needed. They’re more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty because they feel as if they have ownership over the goal and the strategy to accomplish it.

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